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close-to-ceiling-chandelier close to ceiling chandelier

close to ceiling chandelier – Pendant light has become quite popular recently. From kitchen islands, to restaurants bars and museums, pendants are seen everywhere these days, perhaps over any other sort of lighting. The simplicity of a single, downward facing mild, hung from a single cord, stem or chain, is quite visually appealing and attractive. Vivid multi-hued glass layouts are usually used, bringing a focus of colour to an otherwise uninspired room or space.

Mini pendants are generally less than 10 inches in width, with downward facing mild. Very often these are designed using a contemporary look and fashion, with brightly colored glass shades. Mini pendants are perfect for use over kitchen counters, bars, dining tables, along with other little seated areas. Many times, multiple miniature pendants are wrapped in a collection of 2-5 or more. This is a very common sight in contemporary restaurants and bars.

Bowl pendants are frequently suspended as the focus of a space, and can be used instead of a chandelier in dining and kitchen room, entryways, etc.. Bowl pendant light is generally softer than other pendant types, because the light is diffused via the considerably larger glass bowl. And as the bowl is open on the top of the fixture, it gives up and down light. For this same reason, though, bowl pendants must always be wrapped higher than eye level to keep from looking directly into the open top. They are not suggested for place near staircases and balconies due to this.

Drum pendants are becoming a popular new style as well. They’re used extensively in contemporary houses and modern business settings. Drum pendants are a brief cylinder shaped “drum”, typically covered in cloth or metal, closed onto the bottom and upper sides, and hung from a stem or cord.

Multi light pendants are usually simply a string of individual miniature pendants, hung together from a single bracket.

Finally, lantern pendants are generally used in any foyer or entrance area.

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