Instigating Good Together

Create your own Crowdfunding Campaign or Giving Circle.

Raise money for people, projects, or charities

Create a Campaign page to champion a personal need, project or favorite Charity need. Invite friends, fans & followers to give. Receive funds to your account for personal or project Campaigns. Gifts to a charity are securely remitted to their account.


  • Social Ventures

    Emilee Little

    Newland Brands

    "Our Giving Circle helps our advisory board stay connected, share expertise and raise seed money. Really, the Giving Circle helps us solve problems and accomplish our mission."

  • CSR

    Julie Porter


    "With newAnthropy we bring our Elite together and make Yelp Helps all the more meaningful. It's a great way for us to connect with one another and do more good in our community."

  • Cause Marketing

    Bryce Bandy

    Keep It Local OK

    "Our Giving Circle chooses local causes that we want to get behind. newAnthropy makes it easy for us to see the impact that we can have in our community when we decide to join with others to give back."

  • Nonprofit

    Amy Haas

    Hope Link

    "newAnthropy helps our board stay connected and collaborate before and after board meetings. It also make it easy to invite new donors to help us solve problems."

Gather a group of people and give together

A giving circle is simply a group of people that gives together and consistently to
the people, projects, or Charities they love. First, create your giving circle profile.
Then feature the causes and campaigns you love. Invite friends to join your circle,
give with you, and amplify your impact